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Earn money.
Host better events.

Be rewarded for hosting your events on Butter. 

We're in great company.

Start-up stripes

Media recognition

Tech partner

Industry partner

Switching from MeetUp or Facebook groups? 

Talk to us about our cashback offer for when you move your community and events from MeetUp or Facebook groups to Butter.

For the hosting extraordinaires to the social group leaders. 

The marketing takes care of itself on Butter.

Focus on what you do best: hosting great events. We put your events in front of the people who’ll love them, bringing in RSVPs effortlessly.

Watch your side hustle come to life.

Make hosting a side hustle by creating curated and valuable events, available exclusively for our community. 

Marketing and ticketing in one place. 

We take care of sales, replacing your existing services like Eventbrite, so you can reduce your overheads and grow your profits. 

Where your community organically grows.

We're in the business of connecting people with plans, which makes starting (and growing) your community as easy as pie. 

Which of these best describes you?
I'm a leader of an existing community or social group
I'm a creator who loves hosting events
What type of events do you normally host?
Free events
Paid events
What's the normal size of your events?
Up to 20
Up to 50
Up to 100
Something else

Bring more people together.

Apply as a community or solo hoster and start earning. 
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