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Loneliness, isolation and disconnection in society
A Melbourne-based brand built from personal experience.

Born from a desire to find and form more intentional connections, we're a place ⌂, a feeling 〜, a community 𖠋.

Let me introduce myself
👋🏽 Hi, I'm Sam, the founder of Butter.
I’m a creative marketer by trade, with a business degree and a decade of experience in digital content. I love it, but I've always wanted to use my skills to create positive change. 

I ideated Butter off the back of my own personal experience. Having moved between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne five times in early adulthood, I found that finding a new community became harder with every relocation.

I was left craving new connections, reminiscent of those in my hometown, that I wasn’t able to find myself.

After a string of events where I missed out on things because I couldn’t find the right people to join me, Butter was borne.
Building Butter, an app for making friends and new connections
The founder as featured in Vogue Australia for her app to make friends and connections in real life
⌕ I wanted to be able to form new connections based on all the different things I loved doing, my values, my goals and my perceptions - and I wanted this in any place I found myself in, at any time.
The challenge is finding the right connection
I did some research and found I wasn’t the only one experiencing this; disconnection has spread through society like wildfire in the last two years, and it's the lack of the right type of community that triggers it, rather than an absence of people altogether.

So all those instances where we've felt like we no longer fit in with our current friends? That's normal, and that's what makes so many of us have this experience. 

For the sheer volume of commentary on this issue, there was little related to solving it. So I decided to apply my experience to tackle it front on: fast forward two years and my team and I have built Butter from the ground up.

What would we do if we knew that no matter where we went, we'd always find the community we wanted?

We have big goals
Butter is a place for us to gather intentionally, to connect with the plans and people that we want, so we can ultimately create the life we want. 

We're driven by empowerment, the idea that we should only be limited by our goals, not our access to the tools to achieve them. A world where we can be our most individualistic selves, and always have a third place. 

Ambitious, we know, but if we can’t leave the world in a better place than how we found it, what’s it all for?

The things we believe in

Image representing empowerment in finding the friends we want


We’re excited by our unlimited potential; we have the gusto to take power into our hands and make things happen.

Image representing finding friends by being authentic


We reject the status quo, making 'being cool' a result of being ourselves, rather than being like everyone else. 

Image representing being able to be the person we want through connection


We're only limited by our goals, not our access to the tools to achieve them.

Image representing being bold in our needs and values for friendshio


We lead with confidence, setting the tone for the world we want to live in. 

Loneliness, isolation and disconnection in society
An image of Butter, an app designed for real-life connection, friendship and social events
A gradient representing Butter's real life connections and social events.
What now?

We're invite-only. Get access when we go live by requesting yours below.

Be in the world.
Seek what's next.

Butter is an app for real-life sonnection, friendship and social events
What now?

We're invite-only. Get access when we go live by requesting yours below.

Be in the world.
Seek what's next.

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