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How to be a great host

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This is a space to share more about the business: who's behind it, what it does and what this site has to offer. It’s an opportunity to tell the story behind the business or describe a special service or product it offers. You can use this section to share the company history or highlight a particular feature that sets it apart from competitors.

Let the writing speak for itself. Keep a consistent tone and voice throughout the website to stay true to the brand image and give visitors a taste of the company’s values and personality.


    • A mid-week dinner party

    • An alcohol-free cocktail tasting 

    • Dinner at a BYO Chinese restaurant 

    • Beers and burgers 

    • Alcohol-free Friday night 'wind down' wines 

    • Coffee and brunch

    • Italian pasta-making night or cooking class 

    • A pot luck dinner 

    • A lazy Sunday long lunch 

    • Yoga in the park 

    • Sunday morning run club 

    • A night at the footy 

    • A reformer pilates class 

    • A weekend golf trip 

    • Tennis practice 

    • A social netball group 

    • Weights and a gym session 

    • A weekend bike trail 

    • A monthly book club 

    • A movie marathon, themed to an actor's filmography (e.g. a night dedicated to Brad Pitt's classics) 

    • An art gallery or museum trail ​

    • Japanese and karaoke night 

    • A pre-work dog walk

    • A lunchtime coffee run

    • A trip to the farmer's market 

    • Jazz nights

    • Op shopping 

    • Weekend baking: cheesecake edition

    • A monthly pottery class 

    • An amateur DJ session 

    • Weekly journalling and goal setting 

    • A jewellery-making lesson 

    • Friday night candle-painting and goss 

    • Weekend unwind music and drawing 

    • Photography trails 

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