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The Great Hosts' Checklist: Your Essential Guide to Planning & Hosting Memorable Gatherings

Updated: Jul 6

You've decided to make plans, but now you're overwhelmed by how to tackle all the little things - and on that note, what even are those things?

A dinner party table setting

Pre-event planning

  1. Define the theme: Start by defining the type of plan you want to make. Will it be a casual plan or a curated occasion? Something small or for a few more? Don't overthink it; sometimes simple is best.

  2. Choose a date and location: Once you’ve landed on the theme, choose a time and place. If there's a dress code, organise that too.

  3. Detail your agenda: What's going to happen when? Are there any travel times to account for? Plan this in advance (and account for Melbourne's likely weather changes), and check the places you're wanting to go are open at the time you're visiting.

  4. Prepare the goods: There's nothing worse than going to something you were told there'd be food at when there isn't. Procure any essential goods such as food and drink, tableware and flowers if you're hosting.

  5. Create your plan: Now you've got the details sorted, it's time to publish your plan on Butter. Follow our tips here to help you sell the dream and get as many RSVPs as possible. Tip: If there's dietary considerations or restrictions, be sure to include this in your plan detail.

During the event

  1. Set the tone: Use music, lighting and temperature to match your atmosphere to your plan's theme.

  2. Check in on your guests: Make sure you're accommodating any needs they might have to make them feel as comfortable, welcome and included as possible - this could range from seating options to a hand up in a conversation.

  3. Actively engage: The best part about meeting new people is knowing you're all in the same situation - anything you're feeling, or any reservations you have are likely being felt by your guests as well. So take that in your stride and use it to treat them how you'd like to be treated in the same scenario: be present, avoid looking at your phone, participate in conversations, introduce everyone to each other, and facilitate connections where you think people might really vibe.


  1. Follow up with your guests: Send a thank you message to everyone for attending and ask them for their candid thoughts.

  2. Organise a second catch up: Genuine connection takes time to form - over approximately 60 hours - so if you got along with the people you met, don't waste any time in organising to see each other again.

Remember, successful event hosting hinges on thorough planning and considered execution.

Ready to host your next gathering? Explore Butter - our platform is designed to connect your plans with the guests that want to join them. Find out more below.

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